Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspired by Shrimp Aspic

I mentioned in my last post that shrimp aspic tended to be a bit divisive. If you don't find it tasty, you may at least find it inspiring. This is what Dad has to say about this old family standard:

For 43 years, I’ve suffered in vain

As the aspic was served up,

Oh what a pain.

Who ever thought

Putting jello with fish?

Certainly not my favorite dish.

But eat it I had to, or bring on the shame,

From a spouse who had made it--

Old what’s her name.

Its texture is awful, it looks like a mess.

Just like worms in a salad,

I must confess.

And each year at Christmas,

And Thanksgiving too,

Out comes the shrimp

And the red tomato goo.

All together she blends it,

Whips it up in a bowl,

Then she sets it before us

And sweetly says, “I know

you will like it, if you just take a taste."

Each year it’s the same,

Oh what a waste.

But tradition continues,

We don’t stand a chance,

Of replacing the aspic



a said...

Though I love the aspic, I applaud the poem! Love the what's her name part. Perhaps my father and yours are brothers?

Emily Laing said...

Great new layout and I see the writing talent is hereditary.

Draven Ames said...

I have never had Aspic and think that I never will now. That was wonderfully creative. Keep in touch and hope to see you around my blog sometime. Have a wonderful day.