Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Eggo Waffle Shortage of 2010

Are you aware we are in the midst of an Eggo Waffle shortage? Eggo waffles are being rationed! Maybe you've noticed boxes of 10 Eggo waffles which used to sell for around $1.89 are now hovering in the $3.50 range.

My first thought was to hoard Eggos. But I only have so much room in the little freezer above my fridge. And since the purchase of the ice cream maker, hoarding is not a viable option.

Eggos have been a family favorite for years: the kids love them because they're delicious and I love them because they are quick and easy. But at $3.50 a box, knew they would need to become more of a treat than a staple.

I resisted making my own waffles for a while. First of all, it's so much work: you have to make the batter and I was pretty sure that meant more than "add water." And the mess! Visions of batter oozing out the sides of the waffle machine and a lengthy clean up convinced me for months that making homemade waffles was simply too much effort.

After a few months of no Eggos, however, I began to realize that we could indeed survive our weekday mornings without those toaster miracles. At the same time, my idea of how to feed my family began to change into a more whole, real food approach.

Bob's didn't offer quick, easy or mess-free waffles, but they did have a healthy waffle mix that I decided to try...just for special occasions. The first special occasion came on a Saturday.

I followed Bob's suggestion and beat 2 egg whites till stiff, then folded them into the batter. Making home made waffles wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and no batter oozed out of the waffle maker. The kids didn't love them right away, but once I added some berries, fancy syrups and a can of whipped cream, they grew to love and anticipate our waffle Saturdays.

Now Waffle Saturday has turned into Waffle Sunday, and on the mornings when we have extra waffles, I freeze them for quick, weekday breakfasts.

Eggos? Who needs them!


Natalie said...

Those look yummy. We use Hungry Jack Buttermilk mix, which is very easy and surprisingly good given the cheapness of it. I do recommend it. But I love Bob's Red Mill Oat Flour and Corn Meal. Mmmm! I'll have to try the pancake/waffle mix.

Natalie said...

Okay, I have to comment again because I just followed your link--I didn't realize there was an ACTUAL shortage. How interesting! A waffle shortage!

Erika said...

That explains it! Everytime I go shopping the Nutrigrain Eggos are gone. Those are the only ones I buy or the whole wheat. Very frustrating. I had no idea there was a shortage. I'm putting Bob's mix on my shopping list and look forward to trying it. You always have such great ideas.

Afton said...

Oh yes, the waffle shortage is very real.

Emily Laing said...

Afton, you did it! Making your own frozen waffles is so much easier than you think...and the perfect topping for a waffle...icecream!!

a said...

chocolate waffles with home made ice cream in the middle and rolled in crushed chocolate chips around the edges! no wonder i find myself at weight watchers on wednesdays!!!

Heather said...

I love the idea of freezing the leftovers to toast, but ours never make it past a day or two! (Hannah loves waffles & pancakes anytime.) :)