Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Hike in Snow Canyon

We hiked the Lava Flow Trail in Snow Canyon, which was mostly, jagged and black, not red and sandstone-y. After exploring a really cool lava tube, we came upon this beautiful rock formation and the boys quickly got to climbing.

While Robert was sitting in this little cave rest area, Ethan and Jonah climbed up to the summit of the rock formation, about 100 feet above, and Jonah could not get down. Robert had to climb up and help him down.

We spotted a coyote down on this plain below Isaac's perch and enjoyed watching him for a few moments. Later, when we got home, Poppy asked Isaac how big the coyote was. "Oh, about this big," he said, holding his thumb and forefinger up with about a quarter inch of daylight between them.

I'm nervous around heights and while I never felt paralyzed with fear for myself, the boys easy traversing of the cliffs and slopes gave my heart a big work out. "You're freaking me out," was mostly what I said until we all reached the base of the rock in safety.

The boys were pretty negative when I told them we'd be going on a hike this morning. In fact all three of them declared they would not go. It's been pretty exciting for them to re-discover all the TV shows they used to watch when we had Dish and Grammy and Poppy have a TV in every room. Except the kitchen and bathrooms. I'm not kidding.

I told them they had no choice, that a family vacation was about everyone, not just a select few getting to do what they wanted, etc, etc.

However, by the time we left the canyon and headed back for lunch at Grammy's, all three boys were pretty pumped up about the fun hike in Snow Canyon.


Samurai Mom said...

My kids like going to Montana for the TV shows too.

Erika said...

Family vacations are the best. My kids have fond memories of Moab last year and frequently ask when we can go back. That was the first vacation we had been on with just us, and it bonded us like nothing else. Your post makes me want to take another vacation because right now we sure could use the bonding! Once again, beautiful pictures.

a said...

i love your updates while you are still gone!

kanishk said...

I love that quilt too!
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