Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Kid

Warning: I am going to gush about my kid. If you have not had your insulin shot today or if you have a low tolerance for all things sweet and mushy, you should probably stop reading now.

Six years ago today, Robert and I took a ferry from Friday Harbor, Washington to Anacortes, Washington and Island Hospital to have our third baby. There was no hospital on San Juan Island, so I had a scheduled induction, which was just fine with me.

This kid was so easy to push out, I almost regretted getting the epidural. One push was all it took. He was my biggest baby, weighing it at 7 pounds on the dot.

I don't want to give you the impression that I don't think all my boys are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Each one wows me daily with their talents and personality and intelligence. Ever since these little guys started arriving, I've been amazed at the room in my heart for love, love, love. It's great.

But my little Isaac has been pure, undiluted joy. I can hardly stand it. He is kind and thoughtful and sweet. Last night after I took the kids out to Baskin Robbins as a bribe for getting their hair cut, two boys teased that B&R made better ice cream than my home made stuff. Not my little Izey-Pie. "This ice cream tastes worse than your ice cream mom," he said.

OK, he knew he was pushing all the right buttons, but who cares? Most kids could figure out what buttons to push but they don't act on that knowledge for selfish reasons. I completely understand this. Kids are selfish. They are supposed to be that way. Learning to be selfless is hard and comes much later in the growing-up process. Somehow, little Isaac is different. He seems to be always thinking about how others feel and what he can do to make them happy.

I realize that any combination of hormones coming down the pike could change all this goodness one day in the near future. That is why I'm savoring every little sweet moment with this kid.

He requested fish sticks and french fries for dinner tonight so I made tempura battered halibut even though I had to take a 2nd mortgage on the home to afford one pound. (Just kidding Robert.). "This dinner is excellent," he said.

Isaac has his moments of frustrating, age appropriate stubbornness, but "this dinner is excellent" goes a long way with this proud mom.


a said...

You are blessed, and so is he!

Our Family said...

Isaac sounds like a keeper. Just reread this post when he is 13 (just kidding--or not!) I hope he had a happy day!!

Emily Laing said...

What a gift they are....sometimes it just blows your mind that you get to raise them...

Afton said...

Whenever I think of the term "age appropriate" Beatty, I think of you.

Senia said...

We were just talking about how sweet he is and what a great personality he has! It was great seeing both of you yesterday! :-)