Sunday, February 21, 2010

That's Mighty Tasty Ice Cream*

In an effort to eat more whole, real foods, I recently purchased a Cuisinart ice cream maker. After my first attempt at ice cream flopped, I've had several moderate ice cream successes. Just so you know, I consider my ice cream a success if the kids like it. I'm not sure why I hold to this ridiculous standard. They are fairly picky eaters with years of Dryers and Tillamook to compare my meager efforts to.

At any rate, I'm getting better. Bless Amazon's little heart, when I ordered the ice cream maker, they suggested the Ben and Jerry's ice cream recipe book as something I also might be interested in. And what do you know, I was. So I got that too. I let Ethan choose tonight's ice cream flavor from the Ben and Jerry's book and he chose chocolate chip cookie dough.

This was my 4th ice cream attempt and probably my best, if I do say so myself. I couldn't wait for the boys to taste it and give me their feedback. Here's our conversation:

Jonah: It tastes like ice cream.

Me: It is ice cream.

Jonah: I mean real ice cream.

Me: It is real ice cream.

Jonah: I mean real ice cream from the store.

Ethan: It's pretty good, but not as good as the stuff from the store.

Isaac: Mom, your ice cream is better than ice cream from the store.

Me: Thank you Isaac! That's the answer I was looking for.

Jonah: But I didn't know what the right answer was!

*Robert's reaction to the ice cream. Also a correct answer.


Senia said...

Afton, I hereby release you of all green salad duties and grant you ice cream making privileges for all future family gatherings.

Will you supplement the B & J cookbook and create a flavor for me? I think something like Sen-Zen could be good. Enlightenment through ice cream - who has time for meditation?!

Samurai Mom said...

Our favorite is the plain vanilla recipe from the cuisinart book. So delicious

Erika said...

Yes, plain vanilla Samurai Mom! That's the recipe we use--the only recipe I've ever even tried since I've had my maker. I really want your Ben and Jerry's recipe--maybe they have that book at the library and I can check it out???

Our Family said...

Yum! I want to come to your house for dessert tonight. I promise I will say how tasty it is!!

Angela and Kevin Taylor said...

I bet we have the same one. I did not know there was a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream cookbook. I'll have to get myself one...that could be dangerous! My kids would love this ice cream!

Debbie said...

Too funny! I also got the ben and jerry's ice cream book years ago, BEFORE I even got my ice cream maker! ;)