Thursday, March 18, 2010

Power Packing

Packing for a trip is no longer just about making sure you have the right clothes. Forgetting your toothbrush or shampoo is nothing but a minor inconvenience. In the past, my biggest fear might have been not bringing enough books to read. Not anymore.

A new day has dawned for frantic vacation packers. Now the most important thing to remember are the chargers and power cords. And there are a lot of chargers and power cords. I have cords for the car and some for wall outlets (once we reach our destination). I have battery chargers and extra rechargeable batteries. I have one power cord to connect my camera to the computer and another power cord to charge the iPods.

It's becoming complicated.

I'll soldier on though. I have to. Because if the Game Boy runs out of power 6 hours into our drive...there will be trouble.


Natalie said...

Where are you going? (So I can start being jealous.) Very true, by the way, power cords are top of the list these days.

Emily Laing said... did we survive as kids? All we had was each other and the radio station that was controlled by our parents!

Afton said...

We are going to St. George. Actually, it's Ivins, which is near St. George, which is where my parents live now. And I hope it's warm, but I didn't bother getting into the boxes of shorts and short sleeve shirts, so that's how confident I am in heat.

Erika said...

What would we do without all our electronics? We are truly spoiled. How fun to go to St. George. Wish it was me going. Everyone and their dog has been going down there lately to get a little taste of spring. Have lots of fun!

Emily Laing said...

By the way, it's high 60's low 70's during the day and 40's at night. I love Ivins. I spent alot of my mission there. Of course it looks completely different now...enjoy the mild weather!