Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Morning: Part Two

Good Morning: Part One will have to wait for tomorrow. Here is "Good Morning: Part Two" at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Boise, Idaho.

You know how hotels have complimentary breakfasts? You know how at the complimentary breakfast how some people and most definitely children will put on their plate things they would never normally eat? Western omelets, Canadian bacon, whole bagels, toast, Froot Loops cereal, muffins, donuts, yogurt, weird peeled grapefruit segments.

And hot chocolate. We have packets of hot chocolate at home. We have water that can be heated to boiling at home. We rarely drink hot chocolate at home and we never have it for breakfast, but hot chocolate at a hotel's complimentary breakfast is as mandatory for kids as cake at a birthday party.

The problem with hot chocolate is it's hotness. You can never drink it right away; you have to wait for it to cool. Which is why we ended up bringing hot chocolate in the elevator on the way up to our room.

Here is what went down as we made our way up to the 8th floor.

(Ethan, Isaac and I board the elevator with a very respectable looking family of 4. The dad asks what floor we need and kindly pushes the button. When the doors closed, Ethan assumed the I-am-going-to-jump-at-the-very-moment-the-elevator-reaches-our-floor position.)

Me: Ethan, not everyone likes it when people jump in the elevator, please don't.

Ethan: But it's so cool.

Respectable, Kind Dad: Ha, ha. That's kids for you.

Me: Ethan, please. I have a cup of hot chocolate.

Ethan: (Ignores his mother AS USUAL and lowers into a crouch, swings his arms forward oblivious to any hot drinks which might possibly be in the vicinity, and...) Ooops.

Me: (Covered in hot chocolate)

The Hot Chocolate: (Dripping down the elevator wall and pooling at my shoes.)

The Respectable Family: (stunned silence.)

Me: Sorry?

Isaac: (Sobbing) My hot chocolate!


Natalie said...

That sounds really fun for you. But wouldn't you rather be YOU than the "respectable family"? Respectable families have very few funny stories to tell after their vacations.

a said...

Personally, I think that was a perfect time to grab Ethan and smother him in a hot chocolatey delicious smothering mom hug! And then send him back down to retrieve a new hot chocolate for his brother! Kiss and all.

Allyson said...

That was too funny! You should have reminded him that if he is too old to trick or treat, he is too old to jump in elevators!!

Our Family said...

Okay, that was hilarious. And think how you would never have remembered that elevator ride again. Now you have a great story to laugh over for years! (That's the only way to view life if you want to get through it with boys. It's either that or get checked into the asylum!)

kanishk said...

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