Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thoughts on Camping: The End

I should mention that the weather was on our side during our camping trip. I don't know many days are sunny and above 80 degrees on the Oregon coast, but it's definitely less than are cloudy and rainy. Much, much less. So we lucked out with the weather. Cause if you are already dirty and stinky, it's great to also be sweaty. The trifecta!

It was convenient to get out of town via the Astoria Column since the Astoria Regatta Land Parade was taking place on the other road out of town. The Astoria Column is a 125 high column that offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River, the Cascade mountain range and the Pacific Coast range. We had to climb 164 steps to get to the top and after all that work, I would have expected the kids to take time to enjoy the view. However, they were more than ready to get their feet back on terra firma. Which was surprising because I'm usually the one to get weak in the knees when I'm higher than 3 feet off the ground.

Isaac and Ethan turned immediately around and headed back down the stairs and Jonah, Robert and I stayed up on the observation deck for a few minutes longer. I'd post pictures of me and the stunning view of the Pacific, but did I mention I'd been camping for two days?

Our next stop was Fort Clatsop, the winter quarters of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery before they headed back up the Columbia in the spring. Unfortunately, it seemed like we were just a little late for all the cool talks and demonstrations by park employees so we didn't stay long. Anyway, the kids were ready to head home.

Did I say "head home?" I meant, "head to Seaside" to get some taffy and ice cream and then head home.

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