Monday, July 5, 2010

The Jell-o Project: I Pledge Allegiance to Jell-o

Twenty-two of my friends unknowingly became test subjects for my latest Jell-o experiment when I hosted a barbeque last weekend. The recipe for Red, White 'n Blue Salad came to me from Erika and made me wonder what we ever did before blue Jell-o was invented. So inspired was I by the beauty of this Jell-o salad, I went to Target and purchased my first trifle dish.

I couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out. The blue layer was a bit lumpy looking, but that was because I waited for the jello to set up a bit before adding the blueberries so they wouldn't all sink to the bottom. I think next time I'll just let the blueberries sink. It looked simply lovely sitting on the counter with the other buffet items.

The real test, however, was whether or not people would actually eat it. I got things started by spooning a nice sized portion on my plate. The red and blue layers are nothing more than plain Jell-o with blue berries on the blue layer and raspberries on the red layer. It was the white layer I was a little nervous about. Would people be grossed out that there was sour cream in it?

I came back to the buffet for seconds to find my Jell-o almost completely gone. People were actually eating it! I cringed when the first guest asked me how I made the white layer. As I listed the ingredients, I watched his face carefully for any sign of horror, but it appeared there was none. This ready acceptance of Jell-o was a little confusing for me as I often feel like a mocked Jell-o prophet in my own home. It was good to be among believers for a change.

Later, after our friends had left, I asked the kids what they thought of my red, white and blue masterpiece. Ethan didn't even taste it, so could not comment. Jonah only ate the raspberry layer, but said it was good. Isaac had just one bite of blueberry Jell-o after first making sure there were no actual blueberries in it and said it was ok.

I'm not ready to give up on my little Jell-o non-believers yet. The Jell-o project continues!


Erika said...

It looks beautiful! I have that exact trifle dish--it's by far the cutest of any that I've seen. I'm glad people ate your jello--I would have felt really bad if they didn't!

Sheri said...

It looks, besides sour cream, what does the white layer consist of?

Afton said...

cream and sugar are also in the white layer. You can see the whole recipe in the link I have in the blog post.