Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Jell-o Project: Peaches and Cream and the Parent Trap

After a one week hiatus, the Jell-o Project is back and better than ever. This week's Jell-o is Peaches and Cream (the non-alcoholic version) with what I believe is the ultimate Jell-o ingredient: sweetened condensed milk.

Sweetened condensed milk is such a brilliant Jell-o compliment. It's as if Sharon and Susan have finally met each other at summer camp and have broken out into a rousing rendition of "Let's Get Together" while simultaneously trying to bring their divorced parents back together.

I was confident the taste would win over my family of reluctant taste testers, but to make absolutely sure, I gave each kid a spoonful taste of sweetened condensed milk just in case they were put off by the solid, jiggly, white mass. All three boys gave the plain, sweetened condensed milk a hearty thumbs up.

Dinner time: the moment of truth. Would my family eat the Peaches and Cream Jell-o?


Although no one finished their whole serving, I'm ready to declare Peaches and Cream Jell-o the most successful Jell-o in the Jell-o project to date. Here are the results:

Isaac - ate 10% of the Jell-o and said, "I kind of liked it, kind of in between. Kind of bad and kind of good."

Ethan - ate 70% and said it was pretty good, but would have liked the sweetened condensed milk layer to be thinner. Like paper thin.

Jonah - ate 80% and said it was awesome, just take out the sweetened condensed milk layer.

Robert - ate 85% and said although it was delicious through and through, the idea of eating milk in Jell-o kind of grossed him out. (I'll have to remember not to top his Jell-o with whipped cream anymore.)

Me - ate 200%, as Isaac kindly pointed out, because I had two whole servings.

I admit, the results tend to point to the conclusion that my family just likes plain Jell-o with a little fruit mixed in, so maybe Peaches and Cream Jell-o isn't the success I'm claiming it to be. Maybe it's not the Sharon and Susan of the Jell-o world. On paper, it certainly looks that way...

...until I present, for your consideration, the surprise evidence!

Surprise! Bekah and Aurora stopped by after dinner with a plate of brownies and became the willing recipients of the last two Peaches and Cream Jell-o molds. Not only were they impressed with the restaurant style presentation (their words!), they ate every last bit of their Jell-o and declared it to be delicious. Then Aurora proceeded to wash the dishes.

I have therefore developed the following theories:
Peaches and Cream Jell-o is the Sharon and Susan of the Jell-o world
There is something wrong with the members of my family (missing the Jell-o gene?)
I need an Aurora at my house
Brownies make a delicious bedtime snack


Samurai Mom said...

Aurora is a treasure.

joven said...
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joven said...
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joven said...
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jenn said...
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Our Family said...

I'd come do your dishes if I could have some of that yummy jello.