Friday, July 30, 2010

Bird Watching

A couple years ago I made this tea cup bird feeder for my yard. I put it right outside my kitchen window so I can watch the birds as I'm preparing and cleaning up after meals and whatnot. There are a few birds, like the Spotted Towhee and the red House Finch who are elusive and can sense if I'm even thinking of grabbing the camera and fly away immediately. Some, however, will stay for a photo op.

This is a male American Goldfinch. At first I thought they were the most beautiful, most amazing birds ever, but American Goldfinches make up about 95% of the birds that eat at the tea cup bird feeder, so they aren't so special anymore.

I can not seem to identify this bird with my "Pocket Naturalist" Portland Birds edition. Anyone know what kind it is? The breast is a rusty color. *UPDATE* Thanks to Natalie, the above mystery bird has been identified as a juvenile black-headed grosbeak; a bird that doesn't even appear on my Portland Pocket Naturalist. Nicely sleuthed Natalie!

This is a BBB, or Boring Brown Bird. I can not identify it with my guide. Maybe it's a female? My guide only pictures the males.

Today this strange bird came to feed at the feeder. He worked hard to actually perch himself on the saucer and it took several tries before he was able to manage it. Luckily I got all his failed attempts on video.

And here he is responding to some noise, maybe from someone standing in the kitchen. Not a graceful getaway, but a getaway all the same.


wej said...

im getting love birds this coming month... excited mode... thx for this exciting post! ;)
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Anonymous said...

Lol cute post. :)

Natalie said...

I'm gonna take a crack at identifying your mystery bird. I think it's a young blackheaded grosbeak, still with somewhat juvenile plumage. Here's a link to another photo, see what you think:

I love your teacup feeder, btw. I think maybe I will make one.

Afton said...

Nice job Natalie! I think you've identified it. I don't even have blackheaded grosbeak on my pocket naturalist, but that is exactly it. Mystery solved. Hey! You ARE good at solving mysteries.

Shannah said...

Isn't your BBB a female sparrow??? Hard to say but that's my guess lol

I love watching birds, we get a nice variety here too. Mockingbirds always amuse me. They seem so intelligent at times.