Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exploring the San Juans

Our boat trip started like this....

...and ended like this.

That's what happens when you are cruising along, enjoying a spectacular day in the San Juans and hit large, shallowly submerged rock.

After the initial jolt and checking that everyone was OK, which they were, we were surprised and pleased to hear the motor still working. The boat did not appear to be taking on water, so we continued onto the harbor. Cautiously.

At the harbor, we requested the boat to be hauled out of the water and found an awful gash from bow to stern along with damage to the motor shaft.

We were glad to have arrived into harbor safely and were able to get a ride home after a little wait, sorry to see Sea Walker make her way home behind a truck instead of over the sea.


Gwen said...

How sad! The poor Sea Walker has had some pretty tragic voyages taking visitors out for rides. Looks like a fabulous day though.

Afton said...

Probably the saddest part is that the Sea Walker was going in to harbor to get the (I'm not sure of the nautical term for this) toilet holding tank pumped out. Because of the rock incident, she wasn't able to get that done.

a said...

Oh i am so sorry. How awful for your relatives! Will the Sea Walker be repaired?

Amanda Larimer said...

Are you serious??? I cannot believe that happened to you guys. So sorry and glad that you were OK and that the Sea Walker just keeps going!