Sunday, February 7, 2010

Savings Goal

Once every seven years of employment, Intel gives its employees a 7 week sabbatical. It's Intel's way of saying, "thanks for working all that unpaid overtime, 7 days a week, for the last 7 years. We hope your family still recognizes you."

Robert's sabbatical will be summer 2011 and we are eagerly looking forward to it. I've decided we will spend part of Robert's time off taking a cruise with the whole family for 5 days. I'd prefer a Mediterranean cruise for 12 days, but did I mention all that unpaid overtime? I think instead we will set our sites on a Western Caribbean cruise embarking from somewhere in Florida.

It will be amazing.

I talked to the kids yesterday about how I have a special savings account just to save money for the cruise. I told them about all the different things we could do on a cruise: swim, mini golf, arcades, ice cream any time they wanted, dessert at every meal, fun shows, maybe even water slides and kids clubs. And that was just on the boat. When we get off the boat, I told them, they could expect to jet ski, snorkel, swim with sting rays, and zip line.

They were sold.

So sold, in fact, that both Jonah and Isaac started handing me money for our cruise savings account. At first it was just a quarter from Isaac, but Jonah felt generous and forked over his last dollar. Isaac scrounged up the remaining nickel, dime and penny from the couch cushions.

$1.41 down, $4998.69 to go.


Erika said...

How wonderful! What the perfect vacation, and how great will that be to have your hubby home for all that time!

Emily Laing said...

Great thing about a cruise wifi...and if you get the cheap cabin, it's pitch black and you can sleep anytime of the day and still feel like it's midnight. Great idea and I hope you can save all your pennies and nickels for this family affair.

Sally G. Knight said...

Consider a cruise that has a little more "oomph" for learning and for kids. The Galapogas (my spelling brain cell is broken right now...) is pricey, but life-changing. Disney is totally well-organized and kids-oriented. Explore smaller boats, even sailing ships. The schooner fleet out of Portland Maine is fabulous. I'm afraid that an "ordinary" cruise will bore you all to death. Seriously. I've seen it all. Sally

Senia said...

Sounds amazing! Ice cream any time I want?! Dessert with every meal?! I'm sold!!!

I only wish your kiddos were a little bit younger so you could be persuaded to bring along a nanny/niece.

Well, if you get pregnant in the next few months, I've got your back (baby) covered.

Merilee said...

Oh man, that sounds awesome! It's nice that you have so much time to plan and save for this fun vacation. Sometimes the anticipation is almost as much fun as the actual vacation!

a said...

So, have the boys asked for their money back yet? Mine would have. hahahaha

Afton said...

Oh that my life were exciting enough that an "ordinary" cruise would bore me. I fear I am just simple enough that the thought of ice cream anytime can send me into giddy excitement.