Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twelve Years Ago Tonight...

I can hardly believe my little 6 pound baby is a big, pre-teen, braces-wearing, soon-to-have-the-Aaronic Priestood, boy. It has been an emotional week, filled with a failed Christmas and lots of moody unhappiness. I was starting to worry what the next 6 years will hold for this mom and son.

I think I can say that things are getting a little better though, and Ethan's mood seems to have improved by leaps in the last 3 hours. He didn't even complain at the "I give up" birthday party I threw him. Robert made the scrumptious blueberry pie (his first crust and everything!) and I offered to write him a check in lieu of gifts that I would most likely have to later return.

Sometimes I feel as inadequate and confused about mothering as I did the day we brought Ethan home from the hospital.


Emily Laing said...

You too?! My daughter us going through the same loopy disgruntled hormonal thing. My husband and I were just discussing it minutes ago. We threw our collective hands up in the air...maybe if they go through it now, we won't deal with it at 16 when they can really do some damage.

Erika said...

Me three! My 12-year-old has been so touchy lately. She'll cry at the smallest thing. It's totally like she's PMS-ing. She's starting to break-out and I keep thinking our wonderful Auntie Flow will be knocking on the door any day now. It can be frustrating, but at the same time exciting. And I'm so excited for you Afton that you'll have a son passing the sacrament! What a wonderful thing.

That blueberry pie looks so yummy!