Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Line Results

With one vote, "It was an October morning in the year 1872, and New York City's air was so befogged with white moist and dark smoke that I could barely see across the street" is the start of "The Seer of Shadows" by Avi. How cool is that cover? I can't wait to read this book, but because I own it, it will have to watit for the steady stream of library books to cease before it gets its turn. (Juvenile)

Also with one vote: "Han Alister squatted next to the steaming mud spring, praying that the thermal crust would hold his weight." I loved Cinda Chima Williams Heir series and have been eager to get my hands on her latest book, "The Demon King." It looks intense. Here is a trailer. (Young Adult)

The book I should be reading got 2 votes. "Cry the Beloved Country" by Alan Paton starts, "There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills." This is our book club's selection for January. I have not yet started it. (Adult)

"The Magician's Elephant" by Kate DiCamillo tied with 3 votes. The first line reads: "At the end of the century before last, in the market square of the city of Baltese, there stood a boy with a hat on his head and a coin in his hand." I also have purchased this book because there was some hubbub about it's Newbery worthiness. Also, it's Kate DiCamillo and I don't think it ever hurts to have a few Kate's on the bookshelf. (Juvenile)

"Tiger's Curse" by Colleen Houck is a self published book by the daughter of someone from my ward. The first line is: "The prisoner stood with his hands tied in front of him, tired, beaten, and filthy, but with a proud back befitting his royal heritage." There is also a 600 page sequel called "Tiger's Quest." There are a few encouraging reviews on Amazon and I'm eager to read both of them. It also got 3 votes. (Young Adult)

And the winner, with 5 votes is, "If you started to squeeze your brakes right in the middle of heading down Maple Hill, just as you were passing old Mr. Normore's mailbox, you could coast into the bike rack in front of Lippy's Market without making a single tire squeak." Lisa Graff's "Umbrella Summer" is a sweet, well written story about how a young girl and her parents grieve the summer after the death of her brother. Thanks to your votes, kind of, I read it this weekend.

Thanks for voting everyone. It's interesting to see what types of first lines appeal to you all.


matt.scott said...

Caroline just finished The Magician's Elephant. She liked it but thought that some parts were confusing. I guess it all comes together in the end, like most books do.

Marah said...

I listened to Cry, The Beloved Country and felt that it was better that way--I got the words pronounced for me in a great accent and the writing is not like Jane Austen, where you want to savor each word--but the story flows smoothly.

I had a hard time getting through the first half of the book, because it seemed slow, but Karen M. encouraged me to keep going, because it has a good message. I think the message really came out at the end, so keep going!!