Monday, August 31, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

So lazy are these summer days that one cannot even find the energy to don matching flip flops. These happen to be Isaac's feet in a size 1 from Crazy 8 and size 2 from the Gap.

Today Ethan shoved his size 5's into Jonah's size 1's to go to the doctor to get his stitches removed from his knee.

The footwear problem in our house is 3 pronged:

1. My boys are too lazy to look for their own stuff. If it's not in plain sight, it may as well be in Mozambique.

2. My boys seem incapable of putting stuff away, or at the very least, always putting things in the same place so they will know where to find them.

3. The current state of the house is such that an archaeological dig may be required to unearth some missing shoes.

The bottom line is the boys just do not care.

So I don't care either.

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