Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I Did This Summer: Swim Lessons

For years I'd been hearing about this guy "Curtis" who teaches swimming in Aloha but I've never enrolled the kiddos. Finally, friend Andrea did the signing up for me, and Jonah and Isaac finally got swimming lessons.

Curtis was everything I'd hoped he would be: encouraging, fun and loved by the kids.

Jonah and Isaac were in level 1 with two 3 year olds, but because they were a little older, they progressed well...maybe too well. Jonah would often continue to work on his skills even when the 3 year olds were getting one on one instruction from Curtis and his efforts would often produce waves and splashes that I'm sure didn't help the little one's confidences.

Jonah and Isaac were as ever, competitive with each other and had to race to see who was fastest. (Note to Jonah: you probably would have won if you'd kept looking ahead.)


Chelsea said...

We love Curtis too! Great pictures...

Angela and Kevin Taylor said...

I've heard about this "Curtis" too. I never used him while we were there. I wish I would have, my kids will need to be proficient swimmers since we have a pool in our backyard!