Saturday, August 29, 2009

What I Did This Summer: Cooking Class

Today was the last of 3 cooking classes Ethan took at the Portland Farmer's Market at PSU. Each class started off with the kids taking a shopping trip around the market to get ingredients for their recipe. Then the kids would get their cooking lesson from Chef Vanessa.

Today the recipe was frozen "fro yo" sundaes and the kids made the frozen yogurt by kicking around these paint cans filled with a smaller paint can which was filled with all the frozen yogurt ingredients.

I'm not sure why Ethan had his flip flops off...these cans were freezing cold! The effort was worth it though because the finished product was delicious. (There was a little left over for me!)

Downtown parking was not easy to come by this morning, so after the class we had to walk several blocks to the car. However, they were "park blocks" and it was a lovely summer morning and I was happy to take our time, pause to look at sculptures, check in with the Portland Museum, and listen to a street musician along the way.

Ethan couldn't resist taking a sip from one of the Benson Bubblers.

I love Portland.


Heather said...

Sounds fun--but ice cream out of a paint can? Ummm....

Afton said...

It wasn't a used paint can. It clean inside and got dirty on the outside from rolling all over the ground. I did this once at camp with a coffee can and a smaller can inside, but the lids didn't fit as tightly. The paint can is good because you can hammer the lid down and it doesn't come off.