Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I Love Oregon: Giant Raspberries

Raspberries in the Tualatin Valley come on around July 4th. They are huge and delicious. Jonah and I picked Tuesday (back in the idyllic pre-broken arm days) and within 30 minutes had our containers filled. Can't remember the weight, but all the berries in the above picture cost just under $10.

Jonah commented while picking that some of the raspberries were as big as strawberries. I had to agree. I love living here.

Later in the day I made some canned chocolate raspberry sundae sauce and Robert's favorite raspberry dessert, which is kind of like a fruit crisp and makes not only a fabulous dessert, but also a delicious breakfast.

Jonah just ate raspberries off his little fingers.


Chelsea said...

yummm...sounds like you better post a recipe or two!! Great pics!

I-Shüan Warr said...

Great photo of Jonah! He looks so contemplative! "How could these berries have grown SO BIG!!?? And which one should I eat FIRST!?"

Erika said...

No way! Those are huge!! I want recipes too!!

Debbie said...

Are those photos from your new camera? Because they are AWESOME!

BTW...I'm TOTALLY jealous of those raspberries! You are KILLING me...they almost look too good. Like they are computer generated or maybe cartoon raspberries. Like that synthetic food they use for food photography. They are plastic and they were painted, right?

Afton said...

Yep...real food, real pictures. Thanks for the compliments Debbie. I like my camera more and more all the time.