Thursday, July 2, 2009

Operation Letterbox, Part Two

The boys find their first letterbox by the tiger exhibit.

Letterbox success!

We found our first 3 letterboxes today at the zoo and the boys had a great time following the clues and finding the boxes.

Two of the five letterboxes we searched for were missing, which was a bit of a disappointment. There are still a couple left to search for at the zoo, so we'll be back!

The boys are excited to find more letterboxes and wanted to go out and look at other spots near our house as soon as we got home. I reminded them we had the whole summer and that it would really be better if we went home so mom could read and take a nap.

Too much excitement is really hard on us 40-year olds.


Melissa said...

I just read about this earlier this week on another blog. I clicked on the link and there are about 5 within a few miles of our house, so we'll have to check it out. I guess we need to go get a "signature stamp" first, though!

Catherine said...

That is so cool.

Once I made a stamp by carving a potato. Maybe that's signature and handmade enough.