Monday, July 27, 2009

Corn Maize

Jonah got lost in a patch of tall corn today.

And then he found his way out.

Here in the burbs we don't have a lot of square footage for a home garden, but we find a way to make it work. I am slightly regretting growing corn this year on account of the cheap and delicious corn readily available at the local grocery stores.

It takes up so much space and I think I would have preferred cantaloupe. And this summer would have been the perfect summer for cantaloupe, what with the 100 degree + temps and all.

We should have bodacious corn (that's the variety and an appropriate description) in another week or two. Mmmm, mmm!


Debbie said...

MMMM! The fresh corn here is TERRIBLE! I should try to find my fresh corn salad recipe for you! It's SO GOOD!

Erika said...

I remember running up and down the corn rows when I was little. The stalks seemed so tall! We don't have room to grow corn either. That makes me sad. I've bought it at stands though and have gotten 13 ears for $4.50. Not bad. It's probably my most favorite garden veggie. Another good variety that we have planted in the past that gives nice long, fat ears and tastes phenomenal is Ambrosia. Now that's heaven.

Marah said...

Not only will you have your own corn, but your own cornstalks! That's something else to look forward to.