Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Fun to be a Mom

It’s fun to be a mom because you get to have conversations like this:

Isaac: Mom, can you get my light saver?
Me: Light SABER, say it…SABER.
Isaac: Light SAVER.
Me: No, look at my mouth, saBER, buh, not vuh, saBER.
Isaac: (Really trying) saVER, saVER, saVER.
Me: Buh, buh, buh, saBER.
Isaac: Vuh, vuh, vuh, saVER.
Isaac: Mom, just get my light saver.

Another fun perk of being a mom is stumbling upon your 5th graders science project homework. This is what my guy accomplished in 15 minutes before running out to play:

(In 48 point type)
(in 24 point type)
My hamster ran faster at

(At least he spelled "conclusion" correctly.)


Erika said...

Doesn't that just make you smile? Our 7 year old still says some words incorrectly but I hate to correct her because it's so cute!

It's funny you mention the "V" versus "B" in light saber right now. I just got done with a report where I couldn't tell if the doctor was saying this person's middle initial was B. or V. It turns out it was was D.! Those are letters that are so hard to determine sometimes on dictation. Anway, it's cute to think that our kids say things how they are hearing them, and shows us that sometimes they must not really be listening to us!

Chelsea said...

Oh that is so funny. Plus, I have had a million days of homework like that and it drives me crazy! good idea to document it, he'll enjoy it someday (and maybe you will too).

Catherine said...

This sums up my life right now. My kids play with light savers. Mario's brother is "Muh-wigi." Homework...ugh.

Debbie said...

At least you're trying to correct them! In my family we grew up saying Tore-till-ya instead of torteeah and sherbeRt instead of sherbet and alBLUM instead of album. I always defended the way I spoke because my mom was a teacher so I KNEW she said it correctly! It lead to many embarrasing situations!

Of course now a days kids wouldn't know what an album is! ;)

p.s. next time you see my mom DON'T bring this's a sensitive subject for her!!!