Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Contest About Summer and a Book

The thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is the weather will make you crazy.

I can handle the rain, I can handle the sun, but I can't take the teasing.

Every once in a while Mother Nature will throw in a couple of completely amazing, where-did-this-come-from days. We had two last week. Out of nowhere, it was suddenly in the high 70's and absolutely perfect. The kind of weather we live for here in Oregon.

Then, like your scoop of ice cream falling off the cone after only 2 licks, it was over; we were back to the 50's and rain.

That's just cruel Mother N.

Then I saw this contest to write a summer haiku and get a signed advance reader copy of Jenny Han's newest book, "The Summer I Turned Pretty."

What better way to get through this indecisive weather than by thinking warm, summer thoughts? And reading a book about summer.

You should enter too. Come on, it's fun and it's know, 5, 7, 5. Easy peasy!

Click here to enter and read my haiku...or I could just post it here...

The sand, lava hot.
Sandals, why did I leave you
back on my beach towel?


Debbie said...

I remember being so frustrated when you get those "tease" days! That is the perfect word to describe it! I remember being totally used to the grey dreary light and it didn't bother me at all...until we'd get a random sunny and 70 day and then the greyness would bother me all over again!

liznwyrk said...

I really like your haiku!

Betty Grace said...

LOVE the poem!