Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Made These?

I wasn't planning on making cookies today, but when I saw Emily's link on Facebook to this recipe, along with her hearty endorsement of their tastiness, I figured I'd give these Peanut Munchies a try.

My only issue with the cookies is the name: Peanut Munchies? Was someone asleep at the cookie naming meeting? I can think of 10 names that are better than Peanut Munchies just off the top of my head and could probably come up with 20 more given a bit of time. How about Peanut Butter Bliss, or Peanut Butter Cup Cookie?

OK, I have one more issue with these cookies: There are many steps to making these cookies. Time consuming steps. Steps that will take around 45 minutes to an hour and a half to complete. But it's all good...when you taste them and think...Holy Cow! I made these?

I used a cookie scoop to make the chocolate balls, which saved a bit of time. With the peanut butter filling, I made a symmetrical log and cut it in half again and again and again until I had the right number of lumps. I didn't roll all the filling bits into balls, either. I just balled them up right as I folded them into the chocolate cookie thing.


Emily Laing said...

Um...yeah!!! I thought the same thing. They are rich and delicious. Thanks for the time saving tips. I will try those next time. I bagged them up for lunches and I think 2 is plenty...but man are they good!

Erika said...

picture perfect!

Debbie said...

MMMMMMM!!! I can't wait to try them!