Thursday, June 12, 2008


Here we have a lovely picture of our back patio and the surrounding area as it is prepped for additional patio square footage. This is phase 3 or 4 in our 38 step backyard transformation process.

Don't let the sunshine throw you off. Yes, this is still our Portland backyard, now with our bigger, better patio. The finished patio product will look just like our original square of exposed aggregate. Later today, the cement guys will come back and do something to expose the aggregate.

If it looks like this guy is squirting a 2 liter bottle of Coke on our patio, well, he is. No, this isn't some kind of cement celebration the workers participate in when they finish a job. This is actually how they prepare the aggregate to be exposed.

Evidently, the acid in Coke eats away and the cement, exposing the little pebbles in the patio. I think the cement guys will simply hose off the patio and the disintegrated cement and left over high fructose corn syrup will rinse away giving us the exposed aggregate look.

I like typing "exposed aggregate".

Any comments on Coke acid eating through cement in a matter of hours? Anyone?

(OK, I totally made up that part about Coke acid eating through cement, but they really are spraying Coke on the patio and it's to help expose...well, you know. I thought the story about Coke eating through cement was a pretty interesting story, and it could be true. You are still welcome to comment on it.)

I just checked with the guy and he said it's the sugar in the Coke that disrupts the setting up of the top layer of concrete. Fascinating, but acid still makes a better story.
Acid always makes a better story.


Anna said...

I heard if you leave an egg in a cup of coke it will turn all rubbery because the carbon dioxide sucks all the calcium out of the shell. never tried it. And also, I heard you can clean jewelry or something by leaving it in a cup of soda because the acid... I don't think that one is true and I'm not going to experiment to find out.

Senia said...

You almost made me stop drinking diet coke. ...almost.

BUT, little missy, I'm sure if coke could eat away at cement, DR. PEPPER WOULD, TOO!!

Heather said...

Hahaha. Very good. I can't wait to see the finished product--nice display of the sunshine, too. Makes me realize it wasn't my imagination. :)

Afton said...

Don't tempt me. I haven't had DP for more than 2 years. Not even a DP flavored Jelly Belly.

Senia said...

2 years? Is such deprivation neccessary?! Afton, you only live once!

Okay, fine. What I really mean is I wish I was as disciplined as you!