Monday, June 16, 2008

Berry Time

Well, it's about time. A cold spring forced the strawberries to make a late appearance, but the wait was worth it.

These are delectable, juicy Shuksan strawberries. We came right home and made smoothies and I've got a crust cooling which will soon transform into strawberry pie.

Once we got picking, we couldn't bring ourselves to stop. The result: about 15 pounds of berries to consume over the next few days. I'll probably freeze a few for smoothies, but these berries are best eaten fresh.


Heather said...

Oooh! Yummy! :) We got some from Costco that weren't too bad, but the ones from around here are definitely best. Enjoy!

Betty Grace said...

I was thinking last week how I need to have another Oregon road trip, if for no other reason than for berry picking!

Debbie said...

what a cute photo! Hood strawberries are my favorite! they are so sweet if you don't clean them the dirt tastes like powdered sugar! That are smaller than the shuksan berries though! I freeze them and then cut them in 1/2 and put them in my oatmeal after it's cooked in the morning in the winter! DELICIOUS! The strawberry bread from allrecipes is pretty good also! Happy Eating!