Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birthday Party Anxiety

Birthday parties stress me out. I do not know why this is. From the time we decide on a day and send out the invites, I do not relax until the party is over.

This year I thought I would save myself the weeks of anxiety by scheduling a party with one of those places like Pump it Up or Party Zone that does all the work for you.

We settled on Chuck E. Cheese. I thought that by having the party at a place other than my house and by having plenty of games and activities to keep the kids busy, and by having a stranger in a rat costume interact with the party guests that my stress would be alleviated.

Not so much.

I'm worried that no one will be able to come because it's summer and everyone I know is on vacation. I'm worried that we will have to pay for kids who don't show up. I'm worried that Jonah will not be a good host and that kids will get their feelings hurt. I'm worried that there will be a fire at Chuck E. Cheese the night before the party and we will have to cancel.

OK, I'm not really worried about a fire.

Luckily we've made the family rule that kids get "friend" birthday parties every other year. That is still too often in my opinion, but I suppose I'll just have to learn to live with it.

I should probably take the advice of this sage, rollerblading woman in Kevin Henkes's "Wemberly Worried."

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Angela HUNTER said...

Just as a wedding planner knows how to deal with an anxious bride, the skilled employees at chuck e cheese will make your birthday party experience a wonderful one. Calvin's party last year was at Hopperz and it was the best party ever. Yes, I had to take care of a few things while we were there but it was over and done with and I was able to relax in my clean home afterwards with no one to bother me. You will be so happy.