Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm a Winner!

April, as it turns out, is a GREAT month. Well, at least the first 3 days. I'll let you know how the other 27 turn out.

On April 1st I found out that Stephenie Meyer has NOT canceled book number four in her Twilight series which was very good news. Actually, I had no idea she was even considering canceling book number four, and as it turns out, she wasn't.

Later that day I got an e-mail from a friend asking if I'd be interested in attending Stephenie Meyer's book signing event for The Host in May. Um...YES!

On April 2nd I planted seeds in my garden. Beets, peas (2 varieties) and a really funky variety of carrot called "rainbow" which produces white, yellow, red, purple and, of course, orange carrots. I have my doubts that we will get the gorgeous 6-8 inch long carrots pictured on the package, but like that little boy in Crockett Johnson's (and Ruth Krauss's) book, I'm going to stay positive and see what happens. (Listen to a vintage Carrot Seed record here!)

Also, it was almost 60 degrees on the 2nd day of April. Not a cloud in the sky or even the slightest breeze. Ok, maybe a very slight breeze, but when I stood outside with my back to the sun I actually warmed up, and it was a delightful feeling.

Finally, (and this is big...) I purchased airline tickets to visit my mom and dad in St. George (where the sun shines all the time, evidently) all by myself, without kids, for a nice long weekend.

And today, April 3rd, I found out that I won a drawing for an ARC of Trouble, by Gary D. Schmidt, author of, among other things, The Wednesday Wars. Every month, my favorite children's librarian, Elizabeth Bird, has a drawing for an advance reading copy of a book. You simply send her an e-mail letting her know you'd like to be in the drawing and in a few days, she will reply letting you know if your name was selected out of the cereal bowl of destiny (I believe.)

Why haven't I mentioned this drawing on my blog before? Simple: I needed to keep the competition down until I won. Now, feel free to check the Fuse #8 blog around the first of each month and see if you can get yourself your very own ARC.

Yay cereal bowl of destiny!

As if that is not enough, today is supposed to be 63 degrees. How great is that?


Catherine said...


I had no idea Stephenie Meyer was thinking of cancelling the next book either. That's great that you'll be going to a book signing. I went to a lecture and book signing by one of my favorite authors once and got really tongue tied when it was my turn and felt stupid. It was like A Christmas Story when Ralphie meets Santa.

Betty Grace said...

Wow, that is a great month. When are you coming to UT? Too bad it didn't coordinate with Monster Jam this year so I'd be down there babysitting again. :)