Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How Does This Work Again?

So, tomorrow is the big day. I'm leaving for a trip to my parents house on an airplane, all by myself. It's been a good 4 hundred years since I've last flown, and I'm a little nervous about it. I don't worry that the plane will fall out of the sky. (Well, I do a little bit, thanks mom!)

I don't worry about hijackers or possibly having to use incredibly small toilets that suck with the force of 67 Dyson vacuum cleaners and use some kind of blue flushing liquid.

I'm worried about bringing something that might be confiscated, like bottled water or hair gel. I'm worried about checking in. I've already pre-printed my boarding pass, but do I still have to check in somewhere? Do I have to take my shoes off to get through the metal detector? Do I have to have my luggage checked by bomb sniffing dogs?

I've completely forgotten what to do in an airport and I'm fairly sure I will do something wrong, which will in turn create suspicion which will probably result in a full search of my luggage and the public displaying of my underwear. This is my fear.

There was a time I felt like quite a proficient traveler, but those days have passed.


Catherine said...

I got my sunscreen confiscated last time I flew. Good luck. Bring non-liquid snacks because they don't give out diddly on the flight anymore.

I-Shuan said...

Maybe you should just cancel the trip... No way! Come ON! You can do it!

One tip I have is with bottled water: You CAN bring an empty bottle and fill it up AFTER you go through security. Tricky, huh?! That is probably obvious to most people but last time I flew they confiscated my bottle and I ended up buying some fancy one that tastes just like the kind from the tap. I heard someone mention the empty bottle strategy once and am looking forward to going somewhere some day myself so I can bring one and feel like I've BEAT THE SYSTEM!

Have a great time!

Senia said...

Afton, I can offer the following advice:

1) I hope you're not flying American Airlines.

2) Wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off so that when you have to take them off at security (which you will), you don't outrage the people behind you as you try to triple-knot your hightops (as if anyone still wears those) as quickly as you can.

3) Make sure your hair gel and any other liquid (including "Potty Putty," as I learned the hard way) fits in a quart-sized zip lock baggy. Have the bag out and ready to put in a little bin so that the security people can closely examine your chapstick.

4) Make sure you have a cute little ribbon or some other marking on your checked-bag, so when everyone else tries to grab your black suitcase off the conveyor belt you can give them a knowing look, point to the hot pink ribbon, and be on your merry way.

5) Wear nice underwear, so when they do strip-search you, you're prepared!

Have a great trip! :-)

Betty Grace said...

Ok. I'm so sad I'm not in SG this weekend. A bunch of my friends are going down and it would be so fun to see you! I'll be here in SLC running the ward game night. :( Not that it won't be fun. I got used to the VTing calling which I could plan when to do so it never cut into my schedule too much.

Betty Grace said...

When I was in Asia, some countried didn't check and other's had extra security on the jetway where they'd search everything and make you throw away your water that you bought at the airport.

Emily said...

Buy small toothpaste...patrick has had his taken many times. Ziploc everything and buy travel size...4 oz I think....I have done the trip to alaska with three kids alone and that was hell! Just check the dang carseats at the sky cap and get a cheap stroller.