Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why I Hate Toys R Us

I had to go to Toys R Us today. Yes, that's right, I was physically forced. Because honestly, the only thing worse than having to set foot in Toys R Us, is having to do it during the Christmas shopping season. (OK, I wasn't physically forced, but it felt like it.)

I had the worst expectations for my venture into toy hell. Sorry for the coarse language, but really, it's like an evil maze of stuff and even though they have approximately 3 billion toys in inventory, you can never find the exact toy you are looking for. But you have to wend your way through the maze of super narrow aisles anyway on your quest for that one toy. Heaven help you if you are pushing a cart because managing those tight corners practically requires special training. Just make sure you know the rules for cart etiquette if you happen upon someone else with a cart going the opposite direction. Be prepared to back up all the way to the video game section to let them by.

This is the bad attitude I took with me to Toys R Us.

The parking lot was completely packed as I arrived and I hissed, "I hate this place" under my breath. But a spot opened up and it was pretty close too. The surprises didn't end there. I looked for what I needed for about 30 seconds before a helpful store employee came up and asked if she could assist me. She took me right to where I needed to go. There was a huge assortment of just the kind of toy I was looking for. While I was thinking about which one to buy, another helpful store employee approached and asked if I was finding everything I needed.

OK, not what I was expecting.

The check-out line was short and moved very quickly. The check out girl even made a really witty observation that made me laugh. I was in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes!

Unfortunately for Toys R Us, this just makes me loathe them more. Death, taxes and the fact that Toys R Us is a miserable place to be: all things I could count on... until today. Today that idea was shattered. Thank you so much Toys R Us for proving me wrong!


Catherine said...

I've never in my life met a TRU employee who knew where anything in that store was located. I'm in complete shock right now.

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