Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fudge For Lunch

Around this time of year, there is a spot in my kitchen that starts to pile up with goodies. Neighbors and friends bring over really great things like chocolate dipped pretzles (excellent), Harry and David truffles (heavenly), big buckets of popcorn and movie night goodies (fun), gourmet brownie can cookie mixes (delish!) and much, much more. Today, my friend gave me big hunks of fudge, which I know exactly how to not eat.

It's pretty much like not eating fudge you get at the beach, except you drive around with it in your car and just take one little bite every time you come to a stop sign. Or a stop light, when a new song comes on the radio, when you use your turn signal, when the kids start fighting in the back seat, when the kids stop fighting in the back seat and when you use the garage door opener.

So, I had fudge for lunch.

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