Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's White, It's Cold, It's SNOW!

Although snow was forecasted to come to us twice over the holiday season, it failed to make an impressive show. So, we had to go to the snow. It took two hours to drive up to the snow park on Mt. Hood. For another two hours we sledded, dug snow caves and threw snowballs. Actually, Isaac pooped out after one hour, so I made the sacrifice of sitting in the car with him while the rest of the boys got the snow play out of their systems.

The drive home took three hours. One of those hours was spent making our way down to Government Camp, a distance of about six miles. I’m not sure what I could say to adequately describe the misery of traveling 6 miles in one hour other than to say I’m glad I have boys and that they know how to pee in an empty water bottle.

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megan said...

I wish we had good snow here or at least close so we could sled. We are getting a storm on new year's day but it won't bring much. Glad it was fun!