Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cute Christmas Picture

I’m posting this picture because it’s cute and because it’s just about the only picture that didn’t turn out blurry from Christmas morning. Every year my Christmas pictures turn out blurry. I think it’s because of the low light and fast moving kids. They can’t get the wrapping paper off quickly enough. It’s a fifteen minute frenzy of ripping and shouting and good times.

Isaac loves the cartoon “Max and Ruby” based on the books by Rosemary Wells. So when I found these little Max and Ruby beanies on-line about a month ago, I didn’t have to think twice before entering my shipping and credit card info.
Score one for Mom!


Angela Hunter said...

This picture is very cute. I can't believe how grown up Isaac is looking. I can tell he's gotten so much taller since I last saw him. I'll really looking forward to seeing the whole Nelson clan at Disneyland in February!

Catherine said...

I love it when the gifts work. It looks like he loves them.

That show makes me crazy.