Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mummy Update

So the question is: Should I get the kids dinner or do a quick blog post? Dinner? Blog? Dinner? Blog?

I'm thinking that after last night's candy haul and the subsequent candy scarfing, the kids are probably not that interested in dinner anyway. Plus it's leftover home made pea soup and home made wheat rolls and I didn't get really good feedback on it the first time around and the rolls were hot out of the oven, so I'm not sure I've got a chance with dinner tonight.

Here's a quick update on the mummy costume I was working on yesterday:

Cheesecloth: I ran out of strips of cheesecloth, which, by the way, is self destructive. You have about 30 seconds to work with it before it starts falling apart. For the mummy look, it worked ok, but I ended up with lots of little white strings all over me, the table where I sew and my carpet. When Ethan wore the costume, he left little white strings every where he sat.

The Ladies Turtleneck Sweater: I had Ethan try the sweater on when he came home from school. As I was yanking it over his head he said, "this smells like a girl." I assured him nothing could be farther from the truth and pointed out all the fabulous mummy features the sweater had, like too-long sleeves which would cover up his hands and make them look all mummified. (So, you can't hold your Halloween bucket with the sleeves covering your need to sacrifice your comfort for the costume's authenticity!)

Ethan took the sweater off and went outside to play. I proceeded to sew strips of cheesecloth around the base of the shirt which was satisfyingly easy. Then I got to the arm pits and got stuck. I decided to skip to the neck and I sewed several strips of cheesecloth to the neck. I ended up hand sewing the final strips to the shirt as the kids were waiting in the car to go to the party.

Finally, I was as done as I could be and I called Ethan over so I could put the mummy top on him. Well...

Cheesecloth doesn't really stretch and I'd sewn it right around the neck so it was neat and form fitting. But it wouldn't go over Ethan's head. Not a bit. So I clipped and cut and poked holes and essentially destroyed the neck so that it finally slipped over his head.

Final Words: Luckily for me, the more I messed up, the better the mummy costume looked. It didn't even look too bad with the arms unwrapped. I could buy more cheesecloth and finish a few more empty spots on the top, but I think I'll call it good. I am done making Halloween costumes for another year. Look for pictures after Oct. 31.

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Anna said...

You are my hero for making your kids' comstumes. I think that is amazing. (Catherine, you too!) I am so excited to see the photos!