Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Surprise

Once again I have gotten in over my head. The church Halloween Party and Chili Cook-off is hours away and Ethan’s mummy costume is unfinished. My plan: buy grey sweat pants, sweatshirt and cheese cloth. Cut cheese cloth into strips and wrap around the sweats then sew in place. Presto! Mummy costume.

In my warped brain, this would have taken me approximately 30 minutes and would look fabulous.

In reality, I’m an idiot. I can’t even explain why this is difficult in a way that would make sense because I don’t know what that little part of my sewing machine is called that isn’t long enough to accommodate the entire length of sweat pant leg so that I can sew around and around all the way up the leg. (Or down the leg…I’d take down the leg if I could figure out a way to make that work.)

I still have the mummy top to work on, which is no longer going to be a sweatshirt because I’ve decided that it would be too bulky for this last-minute-super-easy-thrown-together costume that will take me 30 minutes. So I ventured into Goodwill today with the 2 little ones (yes, as a matter of fact, that was them diving under the clothing racks, playing hide and seek) to find a grey turtle neck.

What I ended up with was a copy of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones, because I’ve heard so much about it and have finally decided to read it, and a cream colored ladies ribbed turtle neck. I’m pretty sure the turtle neck will fit Ethan if I can manage to get it over his head before he realizes it’s girl clothes.

Looking at the glass half-full, this last minute church party costume crunch will ensure that I’ll be ready for Halloween night.

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Angela Hunter said...

All I can think while reading this is that if you're so pressed for time to complete this costume, why are you posting a blog about it? Shouldn't you be busy getting the job done instead of writing about it? I hope you were able to get the costume finished in time!!!