Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Recall: Hooray!

A few weeks ago we received our replacement Skarloey in the mail. Skarloey was one of the casualties of the Thomas the Tank Engine product recall. Luckily, Skarloey was the only toy we own, so far, that has been recalled. However, with the almost daily announcements of more recalled toys and other products that contain lead paint, it's a wonder more of us aren't coming down with lead poisoning.

I'm just waiting for the announcement that lead fishing weights have been recalled because of excessive amounts of lead. What about those lead bibs they have you wear when you get x-rays taken? I would think that would have an excessive amount of lead, but it's probably safe as long as I don't chew on it. (That's probably why the dentist puts those annoying cardboard-y things in my mouth, right?)

Well, here is the latest product to be recalled due to excessive lead content. It's a Boy Scout badge that Ethan happens to have. I'm actually thrilled that this thing has been recalled because about 2 hours after he received the badge and put it on his uniform, the beads had come off and were being used as projectiles.

I gathered up the beads as best I could and put them in a little zip lock bag with the idea that I would most definitely reattach them to the badge very, very soon. It's been over a year and the thought of just throwing them away and ripping that remaining badge part from Ethan's uniform is bringing me a strange amount of joy.


megan said...

I just bought Carson a wooden shape sorter for his birthday and noticed that it was made in China. Now I have doubts about letting him play with it. Also at his well check they gave me two pamphlets on lead poisoning. Pretty scary!

Angela Hunter said...

Isn't the lead only bad if they chew on it? I have Sarge, the car, and I haven't returned him. I had a hard time finding him and I don't want to give him up. Am I a bad parent?