Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Make Time to Procrastinate

One day, while I was blog-surfing, I ran into a blog who’s author described himself as an amateur “crastinator” who recently turned “pro-crastinator.”

Well, today I turned pro too. I have a weighty list of things I should be doing, could be doing, but am not. Just off the top of my head, there are 8 major things I’m procrastinating right now. A few of these carefully avoided tasks include writing an article for, responding to the beep of my bread machine and its well-risen contents, and figuring out where my kids are, although I suspect they are playing with the new boy who moved into the neighborhood last week and whose mom is probably still trying to unpack boxes. I’m sure having 3 extra boys in her house is doing wonders for her productivity.

Instead of doing any of those things (and the beeper on the bread machine just beeped at me again…) I decided to watch the last episode of “Clark and Michael,” a strangely amusing internet series staring Michael Cera (formerly of the critically acclaimed but unfortunately under-viewed Fox series “Arrested Development”) and Clark Duke (current co-star of the internet series “Clark and Michael.”)

A while back, 11 minute episodes of “Clark and Michael” started appearing at each Wednesday. All 10 episodes have been posted now, so you don’t have to wither away with anticipation waiting for the story to progress. (Trust me, the story does progress.)

So, if you need to procrastinate, but are just an amateur crastinator and require a little help coming up with something to do besides what you should be doing, take my “pro” suggestion and click on over to and check out their obscure brand of comedy.
*Disclaimer-Clarke has a foul mouth and the people who sychronize the "beeps" don't always get it right.

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claire said...

I saw a great book title in a store a couple of months ago. It was called, "Life's Too Long Not To Waste Time." It was full of meaningless little games you could play while wasting time. But blog surfing sounds more appealing to me and it's free.