Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Peachy

This morning around 9am...

Mom: Hey boys! Let's go pick peaches today.

Ethan: Can I stay home?

Isaac: I don't yike peaches!

Jonah: I love peaches, can we eat them when we get there? Will I get my own box? Can I pick all by myself? I'll go wait in the car.

At Jossy Farm...

Mom: OK, let's pick some peaches

Ethan: (jumps out of car holding 10 inch Millenium Falcon)

Mom: Ethan, you are not taking that, put it back in the car.

Ethan: Mooooooom! Why can't I take it?

Isaac: I want to stay in the car.

Jonah: (Already half-way down a row of peach trees) Can I pick this one?

Picking Peaches...

Ethan: This is boring, it's too hot.

Isaac: (crying) Carry me!

Jonah: Nobody put peaches in my box, this is just for me!

On the way home, 47 lbs of peaches later...

Mom: Won't it be so great to have these peaches this winter? Remeber how much you loved them last year?

Ethan: I didn't like them.

Isaac: I don't yike them ee-vur.

Jonah: Can we have peaches for lunch?


Catherine said...

How do you find out about these U-Pick places? I want to pick my own peaches.

Bravo to you for taking all 3 boys there by yourself. I'm impressed that you got 47 pounds with all the side commentary you were getting from them.

jutes14 said...

Oh, wow. The comments are so fitting for each of the boys. 47 lbs... wowsers! I'm impressed.

Afton said...

Peaches are pretty heavy, so 47 pounds is about 80 peaches. It didn't take long to pick either. We were probably at the farm for about 30 minutes. I had 2 boxes and Ethan was actually able to help carry one (thus my demand he leave the Millenium Falcon in the car--I needed his hands free).

Catherine, there is a flyer that comes out each year with the local growers that have u-pick fruits and veggies within 3 counties. Also, after living here for a few years, I know where to go for certain things and I'm on the e-mail list for some places, so I get a notice when things are ripe.

claire said...

Oh, this is too perfect! I love the comments. I can almost hear it. You know someday the peach orchard will be a cherished memory.

Angela Hunter said...

How funny! You are so good at doing Isaac's voice. I can totally hear him in my head.