Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, our annual trip to Seaside, Oregon was kind of a bust. I say "kind of" because I enjoyed spending time with family, including my great niece Hannah (yes, you read that right, GREAT neice, meaning, I'm a great aunt. Yikes.) It was fun to attend the Harry Potter release party, buy the book at midnight and start reading a little bit of it. And, if I'm honest, I even enjoyed playing skee ball and a few other arcade games.

However, Seaside was a bust in that it rained the entire time. We had your very common misty drizzle which is pretty much like walking through a heavy fog, as well as the heavy, persistent showers. There was even a bit of high wind that took down 2 walls of a building which was under construction just 2 houses away from us.

We didn't set foot on the beach once the entire weekend. However, we did manage to snap the above picture during a 10 minute break in the rain. We were just about to go for a family photo when the rain started again and we decided to flee.

So, we are going to give Seaside another chance at the end of August. I'll plan on taking the kids to the beach on Hood to Coast day and let them play while we wait for our family team to cross the finish line.

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