Friday, August 10, 2007

Robert, Don't Read This

I'm feeling the guilty giddyness that can only come from spending money. Too much money, to be more specific. Rein in your imaginations...I only bought a book. But it is a hard back and it cost $20 and it's not even over 200 pages! (At least I didn't pay sales tax like I did when I purchased Stephenie Meyer's "New Moon" in St. George, Utah. That would have definitely tipped the scales into guilt's favor.)

The book that will now join my own personal library is "Austenland" by Shannon Hale and came highly recommended by Stephenie Meyer as her favorite summer read. After spending too long on the library's waiting list (I'm 24 out of 41) I decided to treat myself and buy it.

I've already figured out how to make up for this spending spree: I will skip my next trip to Nailz Bizarre and treat myself to an "at home" pedicure. Of course I wasn't planning on going to Nailz Bizarre again this summer, but we can just pretend I was and I'll be ahead $5, not including tip. I am so good!

I'm off to enjoy an afternoon of entertainment...$20 of entertainment to be exact. The book is dedicated to Colin Firth for crying out loud!


megan said...

I heard this was a great book! I still need to read Eclipse but I am happy to say that I finished the Persian Pickle Club so now I can go and buy Eclipse. YAHOO!!

claire said...

Hey, try a beauty school for pedicures. I'm sold on beauty schools now.

LeeAndrew said...

*Gasp* A hardcover?? Shame on you!

Angela Hunter said...

Can i borrow your book? I really don't want to buy a copy. Actually, this would be a great book to bring with me next weekend!