Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Colbert and Potter

Here is the opening of The Colbert Report from Monday, July 23.
This link will actually take you to the whole program, but the first part is the Potter-y part I hope you will enjoy. Can anyone else relate?

Update: Evidently this link is constantly updated with the most recent Colbert Report episodes, so if you didn't follow this link yesterday, you might have trouble finding the fun Harry Potter clip I was trying to share. I know you are all dying to see it, so I will try and find it somewhere else and update this post with the correct link. Until then, you can scroll down the list of clips right below the video until you see the picture of Stephen reading Deathly Hallows. Click on that link and enjoy.


Catherine said...

What's the title of the segment? If you go to the videos tab at the right and click on most recent videos you can see stuff that isn't on the main page.

megan said...

He's a crack up! I love watching his show. This was great!