Monday, July 9, 2007

Five Pocket Jeans

I always thought the 5-pocket jean was kind of a joke. Not that I don't wear them and love them for their comfort and's just that the 5th pocket was so small and un-useable I was always bugged that it was touted as a pocket to begin with.

I had a hard time imagining anything that could be placed in this 5th pocket to make it useful: a dime for the pay phone (if you live in the 1970's), a single Tic Tac, a sample of DNA (they are "jeans" after all).

Well, just yesterday I discovered my 5th pocket is the perfect size to hold my iPod. In fact, the pocket is just shallow enough that the control is left exposed to allow quick access to the volume, which I often need in order to hear my kids, the phone, or my husband, or to drown them out, depending on my mood.

So, spread the news...the 5th pocket is now functional!


Angela Hunter said...

Do your workout pants have a 5th pocket? Maybe we need more 5th pocket products in the world. Quick, tell The Donald. I'm sure he wouldn't want to miss this amazing opportunity!

Afton said...

NO, my workout pants do NOT have pockets...well, except for one pair. It is really annoying and I'd like to buy an arm band so I don't have to hold my iPod when I walk, but they are like $25! For a strip of neoprene and velcro...that's just wrong.