Thursday, July 12, 2007

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Jonah's birthday. We had a "funfetti" cake that Jonah sprinkled himself. He also chose 4 of his small dinosaurs to decorate the top of the cake. Jonah got some art supplies, including a really cool "How to Draw Dinosaurs" book from his grandparents. He got Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter, which required the application of about 20 little stickers in very specific places. But the one gift to rule them all was the red Fisher Price Mega T-Rex dinosaur. Jonah has had the green Fisher Price Mega T-Rex dinosaur for about a year, but felt his collection would not be complete with out the exact same dinosaur in red.

He'd asked for the red Fisher Price Mega T-Rex dinosaur for Christmas, but Santa just couldn't see why Jonah needed two giant dinosaurs that were exactly the same except for their color. Jonah barely had room for the green Mega T-Rex as it was.

As Jonah's birthday neared, the request for the red Mega T-Rex was once again made. However, this time, the request came with not-so-subtle threats like "If you don't get me the red dinosaur, I won't love you anymore" or, " if you don't buy me the red dinosaur, then you will be in big trouble." At the time these threats were made, the red dinosaur was safely hidden away in our secret present hiding spot, so there was really no need for Jonah to get nasty.

So, the party was a success. Jonah told me that he wanted to give me "one hundred thank-yous" for his party and that it was the best day ever. He also told me that the red Mega T-Rex and the green Mega T-Rex had already gotten married. It must have been a very small and private ceremony because I missed it.
Oh yes, Jonah is 5!


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Jonah! Sounds like a great day! I love kid birthdays. They're so fun.

LeeAndrew said...

Jonah seems to like dinosaurs. Isn't it weird how all kids seem to have this strange fascination with dinosaurs.