Friday, January 1, 2010

The Food We Ate

Last night marked the first annual New Year's Eve Appetizer Dinner. It may be that in years to come I will add more sophisticated fare, but for now, I tried to stick with things the kids would actually eat. Bonus: some of the appetizers were even prepared by the kids. Ethan helped with the crescent roll-wrapped Little Smokies pictured above.

This is some spanakopita from the freezer section at Fred Meyer and devil's tongue with the wrong wax peppers, but still delicious (recipe from Angela).

A little cream cheese and home made tomato jam with an assortment of Costco crackers.

My famous artichoke dip, tortilla chips and ants on a log (Jonah and Isaac helped with those.)

Fruit dip with apples and green grapes.

Pinwheel sandwiches with turkey, Monterey Jack, cream cheese and a few green onions. Can I get away with calling carrot sticks and celery crudités?

The dinner was a smashing success. The kids had a great time picking from all the finger foods and we hardly used any silverware, although the dishwasher was full of plates. Nevertheless, I believe a tradition has begun.


Erika said...

We had the same crescent roll wrapped little smokies. I love those things. And yay for tomato jam! Happy New Year!!

Debbie said...

It all looks wonderful! :) Happy New Year to you!

Holtbuster said...

yum! can i come next time!?!