Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lovely Book Things

Been thinking about books lately. Mostly about writing a book, but also about all the books I'm not reading because I'm writing. I'm thinking about fun books to give as gifts and also books I might want to read after I'm done writing. And this morning, I've been thinking a lot about decorating with books.

This blog post will hopefully get the decorating-with-books out of my system so I can go back to writing a book. I can come back to this other stuff December 1st, right?

A book clock! And I know right where to put it, thanks to Jillyn. And here's where she found it with directions on how to make it.

This book page wreath costs $2 to make. Again, thanks Jillyn for showing it to me and again, pointing out the perfect place to put it. Here are detailed instructions for making it.

The rest of these items are from the Bas Bleu catalog. I loved the famous scenes from movies stick figure cards. I thought of Betsy when I saw these. Probably because of "Singing in the Rain." (See Thelma and Louise?!)

Oh how I want this book. I think I might just have to buy it! How cool is this? You turn off the lights and make shadow pictures on the wall while reading the words to a fun kids story about overcoming fears. There is also a Christmas story.
Finally, these brackets attach to the wall, then using your own books, make literal book shelves.

I was going to say that I would refrain from starting any of these projects or shopping for any of the supplies I will need to make them, but then before I finished this post, I went to Goodwill. I found all kinds of treasures, including the perfect book for the clock titled "Order and Chaos." I think the book is a weird sci fi, but I will be cutting it up so who cares. I thought it perfectly described the state of my family room on any given day.


I-Shüan Warr said...

These ideas are AWESOME! They would be perfect in your house! I was totally thinking of the wreath in a different way... Let me know when you're done redecorating so I can go see!

Shelli said...

Love these ideas! Do you think I could just wallpaper my entire house with the shelves?

Allyson said...

So what is the name of the shadow book? I couldn't quite see it clearly but I agree it looks AWESOME!

Afton said...

Allyson, the book is $20 and you can find it on Basbleu.com. I can call you later.