Friday, November 27, 2009

It's (fill in the blank) Friday!

It's Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. The day the retailer's books finally go from the red, into the black. (I highly doubt that, but whatever.) But "black" is not the only way to define this Friday in November.

Today, was also Wet Friday. We stood in the rain from 4am to 5am, but thankfully were well prepared with lots of layered clothing, rain coats, rain boots and an umbrella. Thank goodness we only stayed in Target for 15 minutes. It was hot in there!

It became Score Friday when Ethan was able to get one of the few Polaroid Digital Video cameras Target offered for $39. But it soon turned into Sad Friday when the $19.99 4gb video mp3 players were sold out at Fred Meyer. However, Ethan went right into Happy Friday when we saw Fred Meyer's free donuts and juice and the $8.99 N-Strike Recon Nerf gun.

At 6am I was happy it was Go Back to Bed Friday and that Robert didn't mind my freezing feet warming up on his toasty legs.

Disappointment Friday happened when Ethan realized that his new digital video camera only had 12 seconds of recording time and that he had to purchase an SD card separately. Second Wake-up Friday was when Ethan came in at 7am to tell me to take him back to Fred Meyer right away.

Now it's about 9:30am and I'm enjoying Quiet House Friday as Robert has taken all 3 boys to Fred Meyer for Ethan's SD card and N-Strike Recon guns for Isaac and Jonah. But before I was able to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and blog about my morning, I encountered Rip-Off-All-The-Packaging-From-Everything-You-Bought-And-Drop-It-In-Twenty-Different-Places-All-Over-The-House Friday. That did not make me very happy.

Later the kids will enjoy Build-a-Gingerbread-House-From-The-Twelve-Dollar-Kit-From-Costco Friday and I will indulge in Flavinol Antioxidant Friday and Read-a-Good-Book-All-Afternoon Friday.

Happy Friday!


Senia said...

LOVE this post, Afton! I got a few good deals today, but I went with the moderate, get-what's-left shoppers, heading out at 9am. Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving -- missed you all!!!

Gwen said...

Sounds great. Today it was "spave" Friday for me. I got a great deal in Williams-Sonoma on non-stick pans, that were separately still probably more than I would have paid for pans somewhere else. Whatever. Merry Christmas!