Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Friend Trixie

I don't remember exactly how old I was; let's say...11. I'd found a dusty, musty copy of Trixie Belden and The Secret of the Mansion in a box of old books passed down from my aunt. The cover did not appeal to me, nor did the smell and so it stayed in an out-of-the-way drawer for a while.

It must have been extreme boredom that finally forced me to pick up Trixie. I wasn't a reader and had, up to that point read two books: The Secret Garden (only once because it was so stinking long) and No Flying in the House (like a million times because it's the best book ever).

I don't remember how quickly I raced through Trixie Belden. And I'm fairly certain there were no flashlight under the covers reading sessions. What I do remember is how I felt so connected with Trixie, Honey, Brian and Jim. It was the first time I was totally absorbed by a book and I loved it.

I remember sitting in front of the kindergarten playground at Parson's school in Castro Valley, no doubt "watching" a younger sibling while he or she played, and reading the last few pages of the book. I finished with satisfaction, but at the same time despair. It was confusing to be so sad about finishing a book. I felt like I'd just said goodbye to my best friend.

I seem to remember talking to my mom about my feelings. I was so sad.

A few days later, or maybe it was a month, I don't know, I found out that the mansion was not the only secret Trixie and the Bobwhite's uncovered. There was a whole series of books about Trixie and her friends.

I was thrilled. I received a stack of Trixie Belden's for Christmas that year and after reading those, saved my babysitting money and bought another whenever I could. I didn't read every single Trixie Belden book as any true devotee would have, but none of the books ever matched the excitement The Secret of the Mansion created in my mind or in my heart.

So, yesterday, when I went to the Hillsboro Library book sale, I thought to myself that it would be just great if I could find an old copy of that first Trixie Belden book. I knew my chances were slim. I saw loads of Babysitter's Club books and even more of those Olsen Twin books from the 80's.

And then...

I doubled back to a section I'd already scoured for book treasures, to make sure I hadn't missed anything and there it was! Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion.

It didn't have the same cover as my old musty, dusty copy from Aunt Carla, but I didn't care. It was going to be mine, and for only 25 cents.

If I wasn't already behind in National Novel Writing Month (check out my progress here and read an excerpt from the first chapter) I would have sat down and read that whole book.

Trixie and Afton are back together again.

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Melissa said...

I loved Trixie Belden when I was a kid, too, and kept most of them (along with my Nancy Drew books and my Little House on the Prairie books) hoping that one day I'd have a daughter to share them with....I can't wait to hear what she thinks about Trixie :)