Friday, November 6, 2009

4000 Words or Bust

I'm behind on my novel and I'm questioning my ability to write in the genre I've selected. I'd feel much more comfortable writing potty jokes and telling about boys who dig worms and shoot milk out their noses.

Instead, I'm writing a teen romance.

And everyone is dead.

What was I thinking?

I take comfort in the fact that this novel I'm writing is:
a) a rough draft
b) supposed to kind of suck to start out with
c) practice for something else I'll write that will be awesome
d) an opportunity to sit down and write every day, something that all successful writers say is the best thing you can do to become a writer.

I will catch up to my writing quota by writing 4000 words today because:
a) I just bought a 2 liter bottle of diet Dr. Pepper to help me power through and increase my typing speed.
b) I also just bought at 75% off, a bag of Brach's mellowcream Halloween pumpkins to shove in my mouth at regular intervals, and when I'm sick of them, I can throw them at things in desperate anger.
c) I'm really, definitely, this time for sure, not going to check Facebook or my e-mail, or write on my blog again until I've caught up with the daily required word count.




Emily Laing said...

You can do it! I have to write 2700 words today to catch up...But I had to clean the kitchen. You know what I discovered, it's much easier to write about things you know and go from there. Remember who you were as a teenager and what kids were like, then build off of that. It's too hard to make everything up to start with, you can always go back later and make the characters richer...

Angela Hunter said...

I hope that diet dr. pepper is helping you power through. It always works for me!