Friday, September 25, 2009

Tomatoes by the Numbers

1 - pot of fresh tomato soup (recipe here)
2 - pots of marinara sauce (enough for 6 lasagnas)
3 - little green worms brought into the house via tomato
5 - pints summer salsa
6 - half pints pizza sauce
10 - pounds of tomatoes given away* (I know...I'm so stingy!)
17 - half pints tomato jam
20 - quarts of tomatoes
49 - pints of salsa
250 - pounds (approximately) of tomatoes picked so far

*I technically gave tomatoes to Andrea when we made salsa and jam. But she brought all the other ingredients, so it kind of evens out. She has 25 jars of salsa and 6 jars of jam out of the totals I've listed here.


Senia said...


But you've still never told me what you do with tomato jam!!! I'm so curious!

Alexis said...

Wow! I am impressed! I also live in Portland and was browsing around the blogging world and came upon yours. I do have a question: what the heck is tomato jam?!

Anonymous said...

250 lbs of tomatoes? OMG, how many plants did you have?
I had 9 plants, but 3 died and only 3 of the remianing really gave me significant fruit.

Thanks for linking to my tomato soup. I hope it came out good for you. :-)

Afton said...

I had 6 tomato plants and 5 did extremely well. The sixth plant stayed small, but produced moderately. I bought plants from a local nursery since they would have varieties that do well in this area. I have not had success with heirloom varieties, so just went for 2 Oregon Spring, Willamette and one other I can't remember. I put lime in the soil at planting and had huge cages to support them. Then, the weather this summer was absolutely perfect tomato weather. It all came together this year.