Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Power of Snow

Snow has the power to make kids hurl themselves down a slope, over and over, for 3 hours.

Snow has the power to make people drink hot chocolate.

Snow has the power to make the world pristine, quiet and magical.

And, in Oregon,
Snow has the power to shut down school. For 5 days.

Snow also has the power to cancel day time TV in favor of up to the minute snow reports. ("It was snow, but now it's sleet...or is that rain? No, definitely sleet. Check back at 11 for the latest updates on our Winter Storm Watch!")


Angela said...

Sorry you've been "snowed in" for the last few days but it sounds like you're keeping busy with lots of treat making. I am really hungry now.

Debbie said...

What an great photo! Good job new camera! :)

Was it the snow that kept them going for 3 hours...or did they have homemade candy for breakfast? ;)

Afton said...

Thanks for the comment on the photo Debbie. I am thinking it's not as sharp as I'd like. I think I need to practice a bit with inanimate objects that give me more than 2 and a half seconds to snap a picture so I can mess with the settings, etc.

So the kids are being tortured with the candy. They can look, but can not touch or eat until it's been sorted out for gifts. Poor boys.

Actually I did let them eat the pralines because they did NOT turn out the way I thought they would, should or could and don't want to give them out. Boys are happy about that one.

Anonymous said...

Snow also has the power to threaten trips home to spend Christmas with family. Here's hoping we don't spend Christmas cooped up at some random motel in Burley, Idaho!

Samurai Mom said...

I was really annoyed that Martha was cancelled yesterday so i could hear about ...snow on the ski slope.